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Signing a contract

Happy Friday, everyone!

What seems like ages ago, I told you had some exciting news to share 'soon'. Yes, well, there was a delay because a small change was being made to the Carina Press contracts. Typical, yes? Finally, it's official. I've just put pen to paper and signed the contract for another three (yes, three!) Dylan Scott mysteries. Provisional titles are Deadly Shadows, Fatal Vengeance

Sniff. Cough.

Far be it from me to complain (ha!) but I feel like death today. Something to do with being awake most of the night sniffing and coughing. Still - I've just had two hours tramping the hills in the pouring rain so that will sort it, right? On days like this, I wish someone would invent remote controlled dog walkers. A robot could take mine. Tilly would be happy doing her own thing so long as she could find an old bone to chew and carry round with her and Dylan simply likes to have a ball thrown for him every five seconds (yes, he has OCD when it comes to fetching a ball). 

Release Day!

Yes, folks, today's the day Dying Art hits the devices so help yourselves to virtual champagne and cupcakes!

This is from the back cover:

Portrait of a mystery

Dylan Scott vowed never to return to the dreary town of Dawson's Clough. But one visit from a beautiful ex-lover and he's back in Lancashire, investigating a possible murder. The police think Prue Murphy died during a burglary gone wrong, but her sister isn't so sure—and neither is Dylan. …

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