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What's in a name?

Today, I'm over on Not Your Usual Suspects talking about why characters' names give me sleepless nights. Pop over if you get chance.

One minute it's Friday, the next it's Monday. How does that happen? Hope you're having a good Monday!

I remember, I remember...

Last week, if you'd asked me about favourite poets and poems, I would have rattled off an eclectic  list of poems from Byron, Leonard Cohen or Philip Larkin to name only three.

Yesterday, I was in the car feeling pretty fed up about something. The radio was feeding me rubbish so I hit the button to tune in to our local radio station - at the exact moment that the presenter started reading this:

Her Fatal Valentine

I forgot to mention that the clever authors at my other home, the Not Your Usual Suspects blog, decided to celebrate Valentine's Day in their own way. I ducked out of it but several authors are treating you to an eight-part mystery round robin. You can read this short story, Her Fatal Valentine, here. Part six is already up, but it's easy enough to scroll down and start the story at the beginning.

Colour me happy

There's a reason I haven't been updating this blog as regularly as I was. My website/blog software only runs on a Mac computer and, because my MacBook died, only my Mac desktop computer has been available. That sits in my lovely office where I used to spend most of my time. However, since the puppy arrived, I've been spending my time downstairs where I can keep a closer eye on him. …

Welcome, February!

I'm delighted to see the back of January. What with dogs getting wood stuck in their mouths, idiots reversing their cars into concrete pillars (ahem), visits to dentists, tax bills to pay, car repair bills to pay … let's just say I'm hoping February will be better.

I can't say it's started too well as today saw me back in the dentist's chair. Having been awake all night with pain and swelling from that tooth extraction, and with the weekend looming, I thought I'd better go back and see him. …

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