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Happy New Year!

I'd just like to thank you all for stopping by and posting comments during 2012 and I wish each and every one of you a very happy, peaceful and successful 2013. Have a good one!

Signing off for Christmas!

I'm sure to be found chatting on Facebook and Twitter but I'm signing off on the blog for Christmas. I wish each and every one of you a peaceful, relaxed and very happy Christmas. And I hope Santa is very generous - you all deserve it. See you in the new year!

Here are mine. What are yours?

I am such a bad, bad blogger. I know it's time to give myself a smack on the wrist when I receive emails from people asking if I'm okay because I haven't updated the blog recently. Thank you, all. Yes, I'm good - just a little bogged down with deadlines and stuff that must be done for Christmas. I'd vowed to update the blog yesterday but then I bought the Radio Times Christmas edition (yay, Christmas is almost here!) …

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