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The power of Twitter

All writers know they should be "out there". They have websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and lots more in the hope that people will become more aware of them and their work.

I confess that, at first, I hated Twitter. I really couldn't see the point. Also, it seemed that many people simply said "Buy my book" every hour. (Yes, I soon stopped following those people.) Now, though, I'm a fan. …

There is nothing to writing...

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway.

Can you tell I'm up to my eyes in edits?

First, I have to say I'm lucky enough to have the best editor ever. She tells me what she likes - always a bonus - as well as what doesn't work. The edits I'm working on now for Silent Witness aren't too bad at all. That's probably because we discussed the synopsis in depth

Off to the edit cave

We went into Manchester yesterday to stroll around in some rare sunshine. As always, we passed the Manchester Wheel. "Shall we go on that?" I asked. Nick looked at me in that way he has and said, "You know what you're like..."

Yes, I know what I'm like.

As a child, I begged my dad to take me on a ferris wheel. As soon as we were on the thing and it started moving, terror struck and I was hysterical.


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