The power of Twitter

All writers know they should be "out there". They have websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and lots more in the hope that people will become more aware of them and their work.

I confess that, at first, I hated Twitter. I really couldn't see the point. Also, it seemed that many people simply said "Buy my book" every hour. (Yes, I soon stopped following those people.) Now, though, I'm a fan. All my writer chums are there so we share news and a few laughs.

One person I follow is the hugely talented and wonderfully artistic @baggieaggietoo. She mentioned a product that was available at her shop, I clicked the link and I fell in love. With this.

Before you could blink, I'd ordered a made-to-measure cover from my iPad and a wallet for storing my promotional postcards. They arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous! (If you haven't seen BaggieAggie's handcrafted accessories, give yourself a treat and click here.) 

So there you have it. Twitter works, folks!

Right. It's Friday and what do I have in store? A trip to the dentist. How to ruin a perfectly good week in one easy lesson.

I hope your Friday is considerably better. Have a great weekend!

© Shirley Wells 2016