Wot? No edits?

I sent the second lot of my edits for Deadly Shadows to my editor on Saturday. Woohoo. Great to know they're done and dusted. The file has now gone to the copy editor who will go through it line by line, word by and word, and find no errors (hopefully).

Today, I'm working on the info I need to turn in for the cover designer. This involves giving those concerned the essence of the book - the mood, the setting, any visual hooks, etc.

And then I need to turn my attention proper to Fatal Vengeance. As soon as I have a deadline for a book, I work out my own schedule so that I know there's no need to panic. Well, I'm currently 20,000 words behind schedule with Fatal Vengeance. I think it could be time to panic?

Other than getting rid of the line edits, which is always a wonderful feeling, the weekend was one of those that makes you wish you'd gone to bed on Friday night and woken up on Monday morning. The less said about it the better. Even Burnley FC lost - again.

People have asked for puppy pictures. Sadly, I no longer have a puppy. The cute little bundle of fur that you might spot lying at my feet in this picture

or using poor, long-suffering Tilly as a step stool in this picture

has somehow turned into this lanky, leggy, faster-than-the-speed-of-light terror

How did that happen??? (He's shown here proudly - or not - wearing his Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award which he passed last week. I suppose that makes him a third-rate citizen. And no, he won't be still for the camera - or anything else for that matter - so he always looks deformed in photos.)

Right, I need to find 20,000 words. What are you up to? Anything exciting?

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