Smelling of roses - not!

Chaos will rule next week when our kitchen gets knocked about big style. I shall end up with more room to move and less room to shove all the junk that accumulates. I'll have to be more organised. (Ha! Some hope.)

Meanwhile, the ground floor of our house has been taken over by several metres of oak worktop that has to be oiled before Monday. Danish oil, anyone? 

Last night, despite plenty of ventilation, the smell was making me feel so nauseous I went to bed really early. Maybe it's me because Nick can hardly smell it at all. We have the same thing with nail polish though. I could sit and inhale that stuff all day whereas Nick develops a headache within minutes and has to take himself off to a different room. Our sense of smell is a strange thing.

My favourite smells come from:

5/. Roses

4/. Coffee

3/. Freshly-baked bread

2/. The sea

1/. Puppies (there can be nothing nicer than burying your nose in a cute puppy)

What about you? What's your favourite smell?

© Shirley Wells 2016