Slowly getting back to normal

In case you missed it, we've moved house. I've moved dozens of times over the years, including moving countries, and this has been the most difficult of all. How far have I moved? About 100 yards. Yes, really. :) 

When solicitors tell you less than 24 hours before you're due to move that you're not moving after all, life gets very stressful. By then, everyone in the chain had arranged for broadband in their new homes, redirection of their mail, etc., etc. And all the solicitors could say was that it might be 'tomorrow'. Tomorrow turned into 3 weeks with no broadband, mail going elsewhere … ack. Never again. Oh, wait … I seem to recall saying that last time I moved. :)

Anyway, I've found my computer, I've managed to complete the edits on Dead Simple (a Dylan Scott mystery coming to a device near you early 2015), and I've made a path through the pile of boxes. Life is returning to normal. There is the small matter of men coming to knock out chimney breasts in kitchens and instal wood burning stoves in sitting rooms, but life is as normal as it ever is.

It's at times like this when I really, really, really appreciate books. At the end of long day spent fighting through piles of boxes and taking an age to find everything necessary for a simple task like making a cup of tea, it's bliss to climb into bed and settle down with a good book. Bliss! I've been having a Jeffery Deaver/Lincoln Rhyme fest. I've read several of these books but I downloaded the first four and intend to read the whole series in order.

What have you been reading lately? Anything good?

While on the subject of good books, ahem, a heads up to all you readers in the US. Presumed Dead, the first Dylan Scott mystery, is on sale at Amazon for 99c until the end of June. Still a few days left to grab this bargain. :)


What's been happening with you? What have I missed?

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