Just write

I've just answered an email from an aspiring writer who asked me if there were days when I wasn't in the right frame of mind to write and, if so, how I overcame that.

There are days when I want to do nothing but write. There are also days when I want to do anything but write. And I mean anything. Ironing anyone? I will clean windows, floors, kitchen cupboards…

So what do I do on those awful days when I'd rather have my fingernails removed without anaesthetic than glue my bum to the chair and write? I write. Simple, eh?

(To be strictly accurate, I see how far off the deadline is, curse a bit, panic a lot more, make a strong cup of coffee and then write.) 

That's the only answer I have, I'm afraid. Just write. Write anything and always remember that words can be changed and improved whereas it's impossible to edit a blank page.

So that's my tip for you writers out there: Just write.

© Shirley Wells 2016