Just write the damn thing

I have a note on my office wall that says: Just write the damn thing.

The deadline for Dying Art is the end of May and I still have a few thousand words of the first draft to write. Then comes the editing and polishing. So instead of faffing around worrying about a certain paragraph, I really do need to just the write the damn thing.

I need this clock:

It's available from CafePress and I love it.

Exciting news: I've had a sneak preview of the cover for Dead Calm, the novella coming to you June 5, and it is awesome. Really awesome. I'm so grateful to Carina Press for putting such beautiful covers on my books. I'll share as soon as I get the final version.

As some of you know, our old dog, Muffet, has been very poorly. Thank you for all the good wishes you've sent. I'm pleased to say he's holding his own at the moment, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. Watch this space.

And now I'm away to write the damn thing. :)

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