Isn't technology great?

I've spent a large portion of today looking for this website. Yes, really. I could see it on the internet but it wasn't showing up anywhere on my computer. It had vanished. Lost and gone forever. It was an ex-website.

The air turned blue. Copious amounts of coffee were consumed. Files don't just vanish, do they? I hadn't emptied the Trash for weeks but it wasn't lurking there. Truly, it was nowhere to be found.

After hours spent cursing, I remembered that every Mac comes with a utility called Time Machine. I'd never used it, but this clever little backup system from Apple is supposed to sit in the background and, without you lifting a finger, copy every file on your computer. Yes, every hour it automatically backs up your words of wisdom. Wonderful, yes?

As I said, I'd never used the utility...

I knew my website was there on Saturday so I ventured into Time Machine, found the file and, fingers and toes crossed, hit the Restore button. And, lo and behold, here it is. Pure magic.

Ah, the wonders of technology. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

(Of course, I would have been far more impressed if the files hadn't vanished in the first place...)

So that's been my day. How was yours? 

© Shirley Wells 2016