Ah, sunlight

I've escaped from the edit cave. Woo-hoo!

The deadline for getting the revised manuscript back to my editor was today and I emailed it yesterday. The story, I think, is greatly improved so I just hope my editor agrees. It's about 6,000 words longer too.

Those were the development edits when my editor suggests I need more emotion here or more/less misdirection there. Basically, it's anything that will make the story stronger, tighter and more gripping. Assuming my editor is happy with the changes (fingers crossed here), the next lot of edits, which may be with me as early as next week, will be the line edits. At this stage, my editor will spot my dangling modifiers, the numerous echoes/repeats that work their way into my writing, dialogue tags that are redundant and a million other things. She'll also spot that I've got a character's name wrong - yes, I've checked and double-checked but I bet there's one. After the line edits are done, a proof reader will go through it with an eager eye for anything we've missed. And then Deadly Shadows will be on its way out into the world.

So what did I do to celebrate the completion of those development edits yesterday? I paid my dentist a visit. Oh yes, I know how to live.

Today, as the Clutter Fairies have been busy in my house, I shall tidy up a bit. Then I'll enjoy the weekend. Well, when I say enjoy, I shall be going to Turf Moor to watch the not-so-mighty Clarets try and win a game. They haven't been very successful lately and, if they don't pull their fingers out, I'm going to be watching League One football next season. Fingers crossed, everyone!

This evening, I shall enjoy a glass or two of something tasty to celebrate my release from the edit cave. I need to make the most of it before I'm banished to that place again.

What about you? Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Have a good one!

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